Score: 55 to 2

There is good news and more good news in this post. First the good news.

I just counted the number of blogs tracked by my blog aggregator. By my latest count, we are now up to 57 blogs that I am tracking here on this site dealing with hand tool woodworking. Nice.

Now the other good news. There is a great opportunity here for women woodworking bloggers. Of the 57 blogs tracked, I can think of only two that are run by ladies. One of them, The Village Carpenter, is my second favorite woodworking blog and is a particularly good example of how to keep a blog.

Now I understand there are more men working wood than women. A lot more. Don't get me wrong, I am really happy that a lot of guys are doing blogs and podcasts. I would just like to see more women bringing their unique viewpoint into the discussion.

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