Review of The Anarchist’s Tool Chest

For hand tool and mixed shop woodworkers, there are two books I'm suggesting are “must” reading. One is Schwarz' Workbenches: From Design & Theory to Construction & Use and the other is The Anarchist's Tool Chest by the same PG rated wordsmith.

Until now, I have been unable to find a discussion on building traditional tool chests that was sufficiently detailed so one could actually adapt it for personal use. Chris Schwarz' book does just that. And that is really, really important.

Every hand tool shop needs a workbench and a tool chest. If you could see my current tool chest, you would agree that I definitely need a proper tool chest. And I'm planning on building one following Schwarz' suggestions. I'm also taking into account his tool recommendations as I build my tool kit.

As for a complete review of the book, I'm going to cheat. I'm going to do something book reviewers don't and can't ever do. I'm going to suggest you do something that is generally as practical as a two headed hammer.

I'm suggesting you go read the publisher's description of the book. It is useful and accurate. No, this isn't another lame attempt at humor. It really is a good description.

Perhaps the only hand tool using woodworkers who don't absolutely have to buy this book are the ones who don't do casework such as drawers, boxes, frames, and so forth- and even most of them will appreciate it.

Happy woodworking.


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