New blogs added

I have added a number of new blogs in the last few weeks to the aggregator on this site's home page. I have been pleasantly surprised lately to see how many new blogs are out there involving hand tool woodworking.

My front page news aggregator is following over 120 blogs and forums. That means there are a number of new blog articles every day that come up. It's better than reading the newspaper. It's more fun than shaving. It's more exciting than filling up your gas tank.

When I first built this site a few years ago, I felt like I found most of the blogs out there at the time. Now, I'm fairly certain I have missed a bunch of them. Probably on the order of 25 or 50. Maybe more.

How to get added? This isn't some sort of exclusive club. Granted, it is a benevolent dictatorship, not a democracy. But really, what I'm looking for is blogs that are 50% or more hand tools or of particular interest to hand tool users. Generally, if you have a traditional style workbench in your shop and a few planes and saws, I will add your blog. Of course, there are a lot of blogs that fall into the “special interest” category that don't meet that criteria. I also include commercial blogs that roughly meet these criteria.

New blogs by newbies are especially welcome since they tend to cover things that new woodworkers struggle with.

If you want to get your blog added, there is no charge. You don't even have to link to this site if you don't want to. You can keep your firstborn, all your digits, and your right arm. What I do need, is to know your blog exists. Send me an email or add a comment somewhere on my site like on this page.

And while we are on the subject, there were some comments I inadvertently deleted a while back suggesting some new blogs. I don't know if they got added or not, but I'm pretty sure I missed at least one of them, so please don't be offended if it was you who suggested them, just drop me another note, and I will check into it.


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