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I want to talk about how I use and discuss a possible upcoming change in how the links work.

For several years, I read or at least scanned nearly every article that came up on the aggregator. For me, that has become impractical now as there are so many blogs.

I still read it regularly, but now, I cherry pick based on the website and title. Some days, I read most of the articles, but more often, I will only read my favorites.

Typically, I will do a middle mouse button click on all of the links I think are interesting opening them in a new tab in my Firefox browser, and then start reading with the ones that are loaded while I am waiting for the others to load.

What are my favorites? That changes depending on what I am involved in at the time, but I read a lot of the articles from Wisdom of the hands, Paul Sellers, Lost Art Press, Full Chisel, Joel's blog at Tools for Working Wood, and others. There are blogs that I followed more in the past, but not as much now because of a change in focus of either myself or the blogger, or perhaps for other reasons.

I used to follow Chris Schwarz blog at Popular Woodworking, but detest the popup they use, so stopped reading as my personal form of protest. I still follow Chris at Lost Art Press.

Now, one of these days when I get a day free, I'm going to be doing a site upgrade. I don't expect it will change much, but I haven't got it all worked out yet.

In the meantime, I want to ask a few questions:
1. How do you use the site?
2. How would you like to use the site, or what changes would you like to see?
3. What about the outgoing links? I have had several people comment they would like for the links on the front page to open in a separate tab when they click on them. This is non-standard behavior, but seems to make sense for this site. What do you think?

Thanks for reading! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!

Luke Townsley

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