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I would like to thank Luke Townsley for his kind words in the previous post and also for his invaluable help in migrating this website.

I think it is appropriate to offer some more explanation into why we were interested in taking over the running of The first, and most important, reason that we were interested in acquiring this site is preservation. When Luke posted back in January saying: “I have contemplated offering the site for sale to a hand tool retailer”…”but I’m really not sure I want to let go.” we were confident that Luke would do the right thing with the site but we were also concerned for the future of the site.

While we will probably use the site in the future for some promotions etc. we will always do this in a very clear and transparent way. In other words, there will always be a clear distinction between what is a promotion and the rest of the content.

We are dedicated to an unbiased approach to inclusion and presentation of the core content that you have all been coming back to the site for over the past four years. It has been, and will be, our aim to protect this.

My first addition to the list of woodworking blogs on this website is the Accidental Woodworker. Please let me know of any hand tool blogs that are not included that you think should be by contacting me. Also contact me if you have any concerns, questions or suggestions.

– Joseph Sellers

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