• Does Dead flatness Matter
    Not really, but it’s just a reference face and we generally need something to shoot for. What is funny is that those advocating this thing called dead flatness are the ones selling all the gear and the sooner the support gear wears out the sooner you are back for the next batch of abrasive paper,… Read the full post Does Dead flatness Matter on Paul Sellers' Blog.... Read more
    Source: Paul Sellers' Blog Published on: 2020-02-23
  • Journal Update
    After being supper compliant under MsBubba's watchful eye, even down to drinking decaf coffee. BTW, drinking Decaf is like kissing your sister, it may be a kiss but there sure isn't a thrill.On to the chase, yesterday I went back into AFib, with all my usual symptoms, shortness of breath, heavy legs, and extreme weariness. Being the weekend, stuff always happens on the weekend, it will be tomorrow before I can see the Doc and hopefully figure out a plan.Until... Read more
    Source: I'M A OK GUY Published on: 2020-02-23
  • Issac Youngs Wall Clock (Part 2)
    For me to get the best feel for a time, person or event in history does not usually come from a book written on the specific subject. An author cannot go into every little detail or his work would likely go on forever. Also an author can choose what details to add or leave out... Continue Reading →... Read more
    Source: Eclectic Mechanicals Published on: 2020-02-23
  • got real close.....
    ... but the brass ring was just outta my reach. Clock #2 being glued up was the goal but I missed it. I could have glued it up but as you'll see later in the blog, I couldn't do it. I should get it glued up tomorrow though.don't want the hose rubbing on woodI got a tip to use foam insulation tape instead of the towel. If I remember it I'll get some when I go to Lowes sunday morning.... Read more
    Source: Accidental Woodworker Published on: 2020-02-23
  • Timber Frame Water Mill Reconstruction Project, UK Part 1
    Written by Guest Author, Gavin Sollars, Timber Frame Carpenter, UK The village is the token and pride of England; there are usually found in it vestiges of earlier life – cottages, manor-houses, farm-houses, with buildings of more or less historic interest; and who should understand them, their origin, their peculiarity of structure, better than the … Continue reading Timber Frame Water Mill Reconstruction Project, UK Part 1 →... Read more
    Source: Covington & Sons Tools Published on: 2020-02-22
  • Issue 8 T.O.C. – “Manual Training: What it is and its Place in Education” – Joseph C. Park
    Back around the turn of the 20th century, as the Industrial Revolution was reshaping western civilization and driving the working class away from farms and rural areas towards the city, many observers were growing concerned about the future of the traditions, values, and skills that had been employed for centuries. Although technology promised solutions for many of society’s problems, what was the cost in abandoning the lifeways that had allowed generations to thrive? What would happen to the moral character... Read more
    Source: Mortise & tenon magazine Published on: 2020-02-21
  • Today Closes the Week
    My week was more relaxed in many ways, more than usual. I cleaned up and put up after a hard month since Christmas which I really enjoyed because I love order. Wood got stacked, unusable offcuts sacked and delivered to friends and neighbours for supplementing their winter fuel. The garage workshop I work in and… Read the full post Today Closes the Week on Paul Sellers' Blog.... Read more
    Source: Paul Sellers' Blog Published on: 2020-02-21
  • Bird in the Winter Light
    My limited photography knowledge and equipment means that I simply focus on taking advantage of good light when it’s available.  Most of the shots I take are in the workshop, just from whatever light is coming through the south-facing windows.  … Continue reading →... Read more
    Source: David Fisher, Carving Explorations Published on: 2020-02-21
  • Do You Really Want to Learn? Then Set Yourself Up for Failure
    I think that we try too hard to succeed. Because of that, our learning is impeded. Here’s an example. Let’s say that I want to build a simple stool for my workshop – a utilitarian piece and one where I am free to experiment because I am the only user of the piece. I could … Continue reading Do You Really Want to Learn? Then Set Yourself Up for Failure... Read more
    Source: Flair Woodworks Published on: 2020-02-21
  • trestle table frame
    Time for my wife to start her flowers indoors. Last year, she started them on top of a chest I want to haul out to the shop to finish. So I made a trestle table frame to take its place. Looking at this photo, it looks crazy-out-of-whack. I had checked it before I left the … Continue reading trestle table frame... Read more
    Source: Peter Follansbee, joiner's notes Published on: 2020-02-20
  • Why Suggest Economy Tools?
    My recent post about simply changing four studs in a saw prompted an exaggerated comment who totally missed the point: “Paul,Seeing the hoops you had to jump through makes me glad I spend the extra on a blah, blah, blah saw.“ As I said, he nudged the truth to justify his privileged position to spend… Read the full post Why Suggest Economy Tools? on Paul Sellers' Blog.... Read more
    Source: Paul Sellers' Blog Published on: 2020-02-20
  • Don't Forget About Vise Maintenance
    In August of 2016, I rehabbed and installed a Record #53 E vise on the front of my bench.  Those posts are here and here.  It had worked great for a long time, but lately I'd had a problem.  The "half-nut" wouldn't stay engaged with the screw when I'm using the T-bar to open the vise (that is, opening the vise without using the quick release).  When this happens, as I turn the T-bar counter-clockwise, the front jaw stays where... Read more
    Source: Woodworking in a tiny shop Published on: 2020-02-20
  • White to Black (Update 9)
    I continue to be astonished by the warmth and generosity of readers here, both in the comments shared and in the emails I continue to receive privately. I thought it was time to bring folks up to speed with what has transpired since the previous post. Where I left off I had described my situation … Continue reading White to Black (Update 9) →... Read more
    Source: The Carpentry Way Published on: 2020-02-19
  • ‘A Cure for Stress,’ by John Brown
    The following is excerpted from “Good Work: The Chairmaking Life of John Brown” by Christopher Williams – the first biography of one of the most influential chairmakers and writers of the 20th century: Welshman John Brown. Author Chris Williams spent … Continue reading →... Read more
    Source: Lost Art Press Published on: 2020-02-19
  • Productive Procrastination
    I believe that I have used just about every excuse in the book, to hinder progress on my three-legged joined chair; everything from it being too cloudy to being a bit too cold! I guess I’m just not looking forward to ripping 8/4 red oak turning blanks. I have, however, stayed busy. I managed to […]... Read more
    Source: An Unplugged Woodworker Published on: 2020-02-18