• Crisscross For The Moravian Workbench!
      IMG_8142 (960x1280) Seven months ago Jameel Abraham of Benchcrafted sent me a prototype of a shorter version of their Crisscross to see if it could work on the Moravian workbench. I retrofitted it to a bench I had; built to the dimensions given in the video and article. It fit well without any alteration to the structure of the bench. I did have ... read more
    Source: Eclectic MechanicalsPublished on 18 June 2019
  • Tool News: Oneida Air Systems New Supercell Dust Collector to be Unveiled at 2019 AWFS
    From Oneida Air Systems: Oneida Air Systems, the industry leader in dust collection, will introduce its new compact, high static pressure Supercell™ dust collector at the Association of Woodworking &… ... read more
  • So that’s what’s under your fretboard!
    I thought that I’d show you this photo; it makes sense of what I do with my archtop mandolin necks.You’ve got the head, neck and two parts of the fretboard extension, each one glued to its neighbour. Under each of the two mahogany capping strips, is a length of rectangular section carbon-fibre. The CF runs from under the head overly as far as is practical in to the fretboard extension.  So firstly, the carbon-fibre unifies all the different elements of ... read more
    Source: A Luthier’s BlogPublished on 18 June 2019
  • Video: Kids Woodworking Tool Kit
    Summer is upon us, and one way we can get more time in our shop is to invite our kids in with us. Help the kids in your life build woodworking skills that will last a lifetime with Highland Woodworking’s Tool Kit for Kids! Michael Morton reviews the tool kit in the short video below. The post Video: Kids Woodworking Tool Kit appeared first on Woodworking Blog. ... read more
    Source: Highland Woodworking BlogPublished on 18 June 2019
  • In Proper Order
    In addition to this blog, I like to post to Facebook, where I am a member of the Beginner Wood Carvers group (BWC). This close-knit community has members from all over the globe, ranging from the novice level through to the more advanced carver. Carving styles run the gamut, as well, from whittling little people […] ... read more
    Source: An Unplugged WoodworkerPublished on 18 June 2019
  • bottom stretcher done……
    I thought doing the stretcher would have been a one, two, three affair but it wasn't so sports fans. I had made 3 practice cuts before doing the real deal tonight and it was like I hadn't had any practice at all. In the end I got it but not totally to my satisfaction. I would have done another one but I didn't have more stock for that.Had my first hiccup tonight with uploading pics from the my computer into ... read more
    Source: Accidental WoodworkerPublished on 18 June 2019
  • A Pair of George II Irish Walnut Side Chairs – Part Four
    This morning, Wellard alerted me to the arrival of an intruder: I lifted my eyes from the bench and saw a van trundling up the drive towards the house. I dusted myself down and set off across the yard to … Continue reading ... read more
    Source: Pegs and ‘TailsPublished on 18 June 2019
  • For Sale: Leather-bound ‘Mouldings in Practice’
    MIP_leather4_IMG_2381-(1) In an effort to reduce all the things sitting around, I’m offering this leather-bound copy of “Mouldings in Practice” for sale for $250. Domestic shipping is free. International shipping is at cost. The book is a first edition of Matt Bickford’s landmark book. The boards are covered in calfskin that has been hand dyed. The endsheets are handmade as well. All the work was done by the ... read more
    Source: Lost Art PressPublished on 18 June 2019
  • Box week
    It was going to be bowl week. But I think it turned into box week. I don’t know what happened. Some of it stems from the great, not-quite-finished loft cleaning of spring 2019. When I make a carved oak box they can go one of two ways. Some are reproductions/copies of existing boxes, as close as I can get them. This desk ... read more
    Source: Peter Follansbee, joiner’s notesPublished on 18 June 2019
    By David W. Babcock The following is a brief history of The Sandusky Tool Company (STC) compiled from several sources. Every attempt has been made as to insure the accuracy of the content. This is a work in progress and I welcome any   corrections or additions.  The Beginning:The company known as the Allen, Dorsey & Tenney Co. operated a general woodworking plant manufacturing wood planes and tool handles. In 1869 Sandusky Tool Company was incorporated and succeed in taking ... read more
    Source: Time Tested ToolsPublished on 17 June 2019
  • 60 mortises later…
    A while ago I began to work on an extension to my workbench, starting with the workbench legs. After having done the 4 front legs I took care of the 4 back legs.This time I used my new Stanley 49 auger bit depth stop instead of a simple piece of tape. I got this one recently and was eager to use it.The Stanley 49 depth stop.I must admit that I am very pleased with it. At first sight it did ... read more
    Source: The Off-grid WoodbutcherPublished on 17 June 2019
  • Beavering Away On The Bench
    The bench is coming along I've sawed the upper stretcher tenons.You gotta love bridle joints, they are quick work. After chopping the bridle joints and cutting the 15 degree bevel on the top of the leg, fitting the upper stretcher was a walk in the park.Just a reminder, click 'em to big 'em.Next is finishing the other base pair upper stretcher and starting on the middle stretcher M/T joints.kencheeks beavering ... read more
    Source: I’M A OK GUYPublished on 17 June 2019
  • “Such a long, long time to be gone…
    And a short time to be there…” [I wrote this & forgot to post it. Re-phrased a little bit today. I boosted a number of photos from Marie Pelletier and Rick McKee – and Paula Marcoux did too, but that’s what they shoot them for. So more are on Plymouth CRAFT’s facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/PlymouthCRAFT/ Last week we finished up several woodworking classes and our first-ever “Spoon Day.” Plymouth CRAFT is really lucky. We have a very receptive and generous audience. ... read more
    Source: Peter Follansbee, joiner’s notesPublished on 17 June 2019
  • post wonderful day……..
    Post - from the latin word post meaning '...after the...'. Which in this case is the day after the wonderful one. While today did start out wonderful my day got truncated. How is that for a 37 cent word meaning my day was cut short. I kinda had control over that but once it happened I let it be. Made for a short day in the shop but it was still wonderful.dry fit looks goodIgnore the slat I put in ... read more
    Source: Accidental WoodworkerPublished on 17 June 2019
  • Bench, Marking Out Complete
    Completed the marking out, now the fun starts. As I have posted before, on the base unit there are three different joint types plus the wedged M/T long stretchers.The three types of joints are part of the genius of the original makers. Each of the joints is the simplest and quickest to make that is also strong enough for its job.The top stretcher uses a brindle joint. a through mortise would add no strength and a brindle is much quicker ... read more
    Source: I’M A OK GUYPublished on 17 June 2019
  • Alignment
    In preparing for the house full of furniture I found myself reflecting on all of the pieces I’ve made over the years both to sell on the one hand and then to teach others. Woodworking masterclasses has been a dream come true because when I was teaching my classes more one on one I was… Read the full post Alignment on Paul Sellers' Blog. ... read more
    Source: Paul Sellers’ BlogPublished on 16 June 2019
  • How to Make Yourself Nuts
    It’s not too hard to find vintage wooden screws on the second-hand market. Between antique stores, tool swaps, and eBay, there is usually a handful of inexpensive options. The problem with many of these survivors is that the nut is either trashed or missing altogether. Unfortunately, because these screws are not universal sizes, it’s not as easy as buying a replacement nut. So, how in the world can a totally sound screw be put back in service? How can ... read more
    Source: Mortise & tenon magazinePublished on 15 June 2019
  • Box done
    Well it still need more time for the finishing touches, but time is running out.Last nite, as I was hoping, I glued and pinned the skirt feet bracket pieces.Sorry for the compressor noises love, OupsI took my time and slipped slide in the glue trying to locate the corners perfectly, as I knew they will fit.  My bright idea was to use the 23 ga pinner but the only pins I currently have (or more correctly,  located) were much on ... read more
    Source: The Valley WoodworkerPublished on 15 June 2019
  • Making Mistakes
    A friend recommended that I read Hogbin on Woodturning by Stephen Hogbin. I’m just getting into it, and found this comment on making mistakes (page 17): Mistakes happen almost every day and what counts is the ability to work with the situation… If you are not making mistakes your skills are not being tested or extended. Does your woodwork push your capabilities? How far? Do you ever feel unsure about what you are doing? How unsure? Do you push through anyways? Is ... read more
    Source: Flair WoodworksPublished on 14 June 2019
  • A Beginning Woodworker’s Toolkit
    If you want to begin doing woodworking with hand tools, it’s hard to know where to begin.  There are so many woodworking tools on the market.  A beginner’s tool kit need not be large, and you can do good work with only a few basic tools.  I posted the following list here on my blog nine years ago, and I still think it’s a good list (with a couple additions at the end).  When I began working wood in earnest, ... read more
    Source: The Literary Workshop BlogPublished on 14 June 2019
  • Now Available: The New Crisscross 14
    In the works for a few years now, today we launch our new Crisscross 14.The Crisscross 14 was developed to expand on the versatility of our Crisscross Solo and Retro. With arms that are 14" long, the Crisscross 14 occupies 5" less vertical space than the Solo or Retro and requires only a 7/8"  wide mortise. It functions nearly identically to our full size Crisscross, and mounts to your bench exactly like the Crisscross Solo.Made entirely from steel and delivered ... read more
    Source: BenchcraftedPublished on 14 June 2019
  • Squaring Up Drilled Out Mortices
    Morticing has never been my favourite job. Depending on the size of joint I have various techniques that I use, and for hefty mortices like in our French workbench build, I prefer to drill out the waste rather than go at the whole thing with a chisel. But then I hate squaring up drilled out mortices, particularly when they’re in ash.Luckily though this bench wasn’t made of ash, so that was something. Continue reading at The English Woodworker. ... read more
    Source: The English WoodworkerPublished on 14 June 2019
  • Damn the ̶T̶o̶r̶p̶e̶d̶o̶s̶ Blemishes, Full Speed Ahead!
    Oh, that blemish I was so worried about; well, given all the positive feedback, my worries have been alleviated. Thanks to one reader, it was deemed a feature. Perhaps to be seen as a one of a kind, decorative curiosity of nature. Who would have thought? Since I enjoyed carving that strapwork pattern so much, […] ... read more
    Source: An Unplugged WoodworkerPublished on 14 June 2019
  • Millers Falls-Stanley Side by Side Cam lever block plane cap comparison
    Thanks to efwoodworks for posting this on the forum. I recently acquired a Stanley block plane with a cam-lock cap. I noticed the casting stamp on the Stanley cap matched one of my Millers Falls plane. Turns out the #16 Millers Falls had a Stanley cap.Millers Falls uses the same cam-lock cap on the #16, #17, #57 and #75 with a black finish and #26 and #27 with a nickel finish. The casting number on these caps is ... read more
    Source: Time Tested ToolsPublished on 14 June 2019
  • Box pretty well all done
    Famous last words...Today started slow, went to get a load of garden soil (peat moss, soil and other ingredients) in Aylesford at the best peat moss place, Annapolis Valley Peat Moss.  Their stuff is gorgeous and plants love it.  Heather only used that particular peat moss for her African Violets, which meant that when  we were posted away, I had to make at least one run back to the valley each year to get the stuff by the big bag.Now ... read more
    Source: The Valley WoodworkerPublished on 13 June 2019
  • Interview with Toolmaker Chris Vesper
    We originally profiled Chris Vesper back in 2016. Not long after that, he started building out a new space for his tool making business. We thought it was time to check back in with Chris and find out what has changed about Vesper Tools since we last chatted with him. Click to learn what has been going on lately at Vesper Tools The post Interview with Toolmaker Chris Vesper appeared first on Woodworking Blog. ... read more
    Source: Highland Woodworking BlogPublished on 13 June 2019
  • How it Began
    JB-column_GW_IMG_2414 Every month in the late 1990s, an oversized manila envelope would land on my desk at Popular Woodworking magazine. When that happened, I’d finish editing the sentence I was working on, put down my red pen and rip into the package. Inside was the newest Good Woodworking magazine with the latest John Brown column. I’d read the article several times. Photocopy it for my records (I still ... read more
    Source: Lost Art PressPublished on 13 June 2019
  • These are THE Guys
    LN_follansbee_work_IMG_0028 We have two upcoming classes in July at our storefront that should – by all rights – be filled and have a long waiting list. But they aren’t. If you can attend these classes, I encourage you to do so for two reasons. One, in both cases these classes are being taught by the premier instructor on the topic. Two, we won’t offer a lot of classes next ... read more
    Source: Lost Art PressPublished on 12 June 2019
  • Celebrating 50 years in business!
    Patrice Lejeune and I show our Treasure BoxesWhen I started my business in June of 1969 it was because I needed furniture for my new house and it was obvious that old or antique furniture was a bargain.  You could find nice hardwood rockers, tables and chairs and other antiques in thrift stores and used furniture stores, which were nearly everywhere.I remember the first "antique" I bought was from the used furniture store just two blocks from my house.  It ... read more
    Source: WPatrickEdwardsPublished on 12 June 2019
  • Tips for Planing Very Hard Wood
    Some years ago, as a gift my wife gave me a nice piece of purple heart (peltogyne spp.), approximately 36" x 8 3/4" x 7/8", and it's been waiting for the right project to come along.  That time is finally here.  I knew this stuff was going to be hard to plane, but I really didn't know just how hard.Three pieces of purple heart on top of some cherryThis purple heart is incredibly dense - the board was very heavy.  ... read more
    Source: Woodworking in a tiny shopPublished on 12 June 2019