• Mid-Winter Sale! 15% Off All Guitars!
    Don't miss out!This sale will continue until Tuesday, March 20, 2018!Go to Guitars Currently Available to see the latest inventory! ... read more
    Source: Brokeoff Mountain LuthieriePublished on 2018-01-23
  • A New and Practical Chisel/Tool Rack
    Woodworkers are pack rats of the highest order.Scott Landis, The Workshop Book, 1991I am in the middle of making two classical guitars, one is a close copy of a 1926 Domingo Esteso, the other one a close copy of Andres Segovia's famous 1912 Manuel Ramirez guitar. The Esteso style has a 640mm string length on a body smaller than the Ramirez style, almost three quarters of an inch shorter, and the Ramirez is fairly textbook, meaning that from the outside ... read more
    Source: Brokeoff Mountain LuthieriePublished on 2018-01-23
  • Issue Four T.O.C. – “The Artisan’s Guide to Pre-industrial Table Construction”
    Every weekday until the February 1st opening of Issue Four pre-orders, we will be announcing one article from the table of contents here on the blog. If you have yet to sign up for a yearly subscription, you can do so here. It has become clear to me that the greatest inefficiency in our furniture making has nothing to do with the machines vs. hand tools discussion and everything to do with ill-considered workflow. Because this has proved to be such a valuable ... read more
    Source: Mortise & tenon magazinePublished on 2018-01-23
  • Steve Wright – Woodsman and Countryman Extraordinaire
    Steve Wright Cert Arb RFS (1954-2017)  – Selling his vast range of welly boot racks and other assorted coppice products at the Weald & Downland museum’s Autumn Countryside show in October 2017. Steve died suddenly just before Christmas. I knew him as a member of the Association of Polelathe Turners & Greenwood Workers and latterly the show and event organiser for the Sussex and Surrey Coppice Group.  Steve worked tirelessly to promote awareness of the countryside, the environment,  ... read more
    Source: Woodlandantics BlogPublished on 2018-01-23
  • Product Video: Rikon 14 inch Deluxe Bandsaw 10-326
    If you are looking to upgrade your shop, we’ve got the perfect tool for you. The Rikon 14 inch Deluxe Bandsaw 10-326 is a great choice for all kinds of woodworkers. Furniture makers will like the large 13″ resawing capacity and cutting accuracy. Woodturners will like the stability the large table provides when roughing bowl blanks. You can even cut non-ferrous metals on low speed. In the video below, Justin Moon takes a closer look at the Rikon 10-326. Watch ... read more
    Source: Highland Woodworking BlogPublished on 2018-01-23
  • Paring Chisels
    If you want/need a new paring chisel there are not too many options. Sorby, Narex, Blue Spruce and Japanese are about it for new, otherwise it's boot sales and eBay for used ones.I have not tried chisels made by Blue Spruce because Blue Spruce uses A2 steel for their blades. For my use A2 has two problems in a paring chisel. The first, A2 doesn't fit my sharpening methods and the second problem is not as great but still a ... read more
    Source: I’M A OK GUYPublished on 2018-01-23
  • Bench Trials for ‘Ingenious Mechanicks’
    Will Myers takes a turn with M. Hulot’s “belly” – an incredibly simple and effective way to shave components. Every book I write has a guiding principle. Something I mutter during the research, building, writing and editing. (For example, “Disobey me” from “The Anarchist’s Tool Chest.”) For “Ingenious Mechanicks: Early Workbenches & Workholding,” my mantra wasn’t as catchy. But I love it all the same. “The principle is that you must not fool yourself, and you are the easiest person ... read more
    Source: Lost Art PressPublished on 2018-01-23
  • rolling cabinet pt ?……….
    When I made my plane reservations sunday I was surprised by the available flights. There were only a few direct flights to Covington.  But all of them left too early in the morning for me  and got in way too early in Ky so I picked a two stop flight. This is what I don't understand. On the way there I stop first in Washington DC and then a connecting flight to KY. On the way home I fly to ... read more
    Source: Accidental WoodworkerPublished on 2018-01-23
  • Looks Like a Lot of Work.
    Then there was this piece from local auction: Georgian Mahogany Collector’s Cabinet on Stand This lot has sold for $430. Shame about the later stand. Description: Early 19th century, pine and poplar secondary, one part form, applied cove molded cornice with dentil molding, hinged panel doors, opening to reveal (20) graduated drawers, on a later custom Chippendale style base. Size: 54.5 x 35.5 x 20 in. Condition: Later stand; refinished; lacking operable key. If one opens the doors on a collectors chest, what ... read more
    Source: The Furniture RecordPublished on 2018-01-23
  • Side Rounds: A Serial Instructional, Part II
    Part I of this Side Round serial may be found here.When addressing the idea of side rounds the immediate question is often: "Does one need a series of side rounds in the same manner that one needs a series of rounds?"The answer to this question is "No."Hollows and rounds are used to cut the circumference of a circle. There are, of course, many different arcs and radii that may be included in a final profile. Therefore, many rounds may be ... read more
    Source: Musings from Big PinkPublished on 2018-01-23
  • My left or your left?
    Getting close now. Started today by cleaning up the inlaid peg in the front rail. I’ll just trim down the front side while I think about what to do with it, since it’s a central decorative feature. And now on to the main job, the panels. The panels were mostly flat and close to size already so it was mostly detail work and fettling and finishing. Doesn’t look terrible.… Read the rest ... read more
    Source: Stochastic GeometryPublished on 2018-01-23
  • Issue Four T.O.C. – Will Lisak’s “Carpentry Without Borders: An Exploration of Traditional Tim...
      Every weekday until the February 1st opening of Issue Four pre-orders, we will be announcing one article from the table of contents here on the blog. If you have yet to sign up for a yearly subscription, you can do so here. Last fall, I was fortunate to spend some time with Charpentiers Sans Frontières in Romania, hand hewing a roof system from local ash and oak. I found that there are some corners of this nation where one can still experience a ... read more
    Source: Mortise & tenon magazinePublished on 2018-01-22
  • Start to Finish
    There is nothing like a good deadline to get the creative juices flowing.  The adrenaline rush of getting it done, right at the wire, is divine.  And deadlines have a way of helping me see through the fluff and get to the heart of things.  In this case, I had to advance my floor chest […] ... read more
    Source: The apartment woodworkerPublished on 2018-01-22
  • Spoon carving workshop Manchester
    Learn spoon carving in Manchester! Continue reading ... read more
    Source: Steve Tomlin CraftsPublished on 2018-01-22
  • Drill Bits For Hand Drills
    I’m always whinging about something. So the thing this blog is good for is that someone always has an answer. And it shuts me straight up. When I was moaning about drill bits in the marking knife post, we got plenty of suggestions for bits that you find overcome my problem. You weren’t wrong. We got together all the drill bits that we could from your input, and I put them to the test. Continue reading at The English Woodworker. ... read more
    Source: The English WoodworkerPublished on 2018-01-22
  • Shawn Graham does a great job explaining how to set up a…
    Shawn Graham does a great job explaining how to set up a chipbreaker, and is nice enough to give a shout out to yours truly. It’s for a western plane, but great information, nonetheless. And be sure to check out Shawn’s YouTube channel.More stuff about chipbreakers here and here. ... read more
    Source: Giant CypressPublished on 2018-01-22
  • The Last of the Fancy Lads
    My daughter Maddy reports that she has fewer than 100 sets of stickers remaining, including the much maligned very popular “Fancy Lad Academy” sticker. Once these stickers are gone, they are gone. We haven’t repeated any designs. These are quality, 100-percent vinyl stickers from Stickermule.com harvested from completely organic vines. There are two ways to order a set: You can visit Maddy’s etsy store here. They are $6 delivered ($10 for international orders). For customers in the ... read more
    Source: Lost Art PressPublished on 2018-01-22
  • Woodworking class……..
    I would like to take a woodworking course every weekend of the year. That is not going to happen but I can still dream. The problem with taking classes in another state is the ancillary costs. I can afford just about any 2-3 course being offered anywhere. The problem is the costs for travel, lodging, rental car, and filling the pie hole. In my case these costs are 3 times the class price.I'm taking a class in Covington Ky in ... read more
    Source: Accidental WoodworkerPublished on 2018-01-22
  • Blood, gouges and drawbores
    Started off the day with the noisier tasks to get them out of the way… There’s not a lot of art here. Rive the stick to about the diameter you want, pound it through the hole with the big hammer several times, move on to smaller hole until desired size reached, sharpen slightly, continue on. And it’s noisy, so ear defenders. But, keep going and you finally have all you need minus one (because the universe hates you, there ... read more
    Source: Stochastic GeometryPublished on 2018-01-21
  • New-Genre in Woodworking
    An unfolding lifestyle Soon to start yet another video training series so this week I’ve been looking into and prototyping to that end—one of my favourite things to do. I like what’s coming from the chisel edge and the saw teeth. It feels good. Angled hanging pegs, clean lines ti the shoulder lines and repeat […] Read the full post New-Genre in Woodworking on Paul Sellers' Blog. ... read more
    Source: Paul Sellers’ BlogPublished on 2018-01-21
  • Große Zinkensäge – Large Dovetail Saw
    Eine große Zinkensäge, die man auch als kleine Schultersäge bezeichnen könnte. Blattlänge 305 mm, Blatttiefe 45 mm, Zahnteilung 18 tpi Längs- und Querschnitt Griff: portugiesische Olive A large dovertail saw (or small carcase saw) Bladelength 12", depth under the spine 1-3/4", pitch 18 tpi hybrid  Handle : Portuguese olive  ... read more
    Source: Two Lawyers ToolworksPublished on 2018-01-21
  • Winding Sticks Epilogue – Fixing a Screw Up: Part II – Fixed
    Yesterday I realized that I really can't be happy with a giant gap in one of the inserts for my pair of winding sticks. I decided to fix it. I'm happy with the results:I left the new insert clamped up overnight. Today I removed the clamps to inspect my handywork.This looks more promising.I left the two winding sticks in direct sunlight this morning for 1/2 hour or so to see if it would darken up a bit.After I got back ... read more
    Source: ToolerablePublished on 2018-01-21
  • More on portable woodworking
    My trip away from the rain here in the pacific northwest is now over and it's time to assess how my evolving portable woodworking setup worked.I recently made a base for my portable bench, described here, so it could be freestanding.  When we arrived at a nice campground in the desert, I took it out, put the bench on it and ... took it off five minutes later.  The benchtop was only about four inches lower than it is on ... read more
    Source: Oregon Woodworker by Andy MargesonPublished on 2018-01-21
  • Woodcraft Parking Lot Tool Exchange
    The tool sell/exchange went very well. I was able to sell close to $600USD of my dust collectors including the Stanley 45. I traded a near complete #3 Bedrock for a Stanley #3 and a pig sticker iron for a 5" throw brace for the only extras that followed me home.I haven't used the brace yet but I sharpened the #3's cutter, found a replacement leaver cap (the one on it was not correct for type and was chrome plated) ... read more
    Source: I’M A OK GUYPublished on 2018-01-21
  • What is this tool?
    This is not a quiz - since I don't know the answer.But does anyone out there have any idea about what this tool is?I got the pictures from Olav who was asked by his cousin about it. So the pictures are courtesy of Olav and his cousin.Based on the method of hanging the tools, I assume the pictures are from some sort of restaurant, or at least someone who doesn't mind being questioned by Saint Peter on the day of ... read more
    Source: Mulesaw: Being old fashioned, the cool way.Published on 2018-01-21
  • Saw 4: The Handle
    After a little nudging from Bob Rozaieski, I’m convinced the original handle is made from beech. I love everything about it too; the patina, the size, the feel. It is an awesome handle other than it’s soft. I’m going to hold on to it (seriously, no pun intended) for use as a model, but it has fulfilled its purpose for this saw. There didn’t seem to be any point in making this more difficult than it had to ... read more
    Source: The Daily SkepPublished on 2018-01-21
  • Ancient cereals corn dolly
    An ancient craft bringing some of my favourite people together to achieve a lifetime's ambition. Continue reading ... read more
    Source: Steve Tomlin CraftsPublished on 2018-01-21
  • Hopper Joinery
    The hopper is an old form you can still see all the time in things like wheel barrows and baby’s cribs, sloped sides meeting in compound miters. Although initially intimidating, learning to determine the cut angles for butt or mitre joints is as simple as drawing a few lines with a carpenters square, opening up a whole exciting world of non-orthogonal intersecting surfaces.  Learning hopper joinery is step number one towards Japanese roof carpentry, heady stuff indeed! Although there ... read more
    Source: Granite Mountain WoodcraftPublished on 2018-01-20
  • Joiner’s Toolbox
    As I update old drawings, I will post those that I hope you will find useful.  Some may be new versions of those that you have seen before.  Others will be making a first time appearance here on the blog. Soldier Blue Milk Paint with shellac and wax   Greg Merritt ... read more
    Source: GREG MERRITT – BY MY OWN HANDSPublished on 2018-01-20
  • Small Lap Desk
    As I update old drawings, I will post those that I hope you will find useful.  Some may be new versions of those that you have seen before.  Others will be making a first time appearance here on the blog.   Amber Shellac and wax Greg Merritt ... read more
    Source: GREG MERRITT – BY MY OWN HANDSPublished on 2018-01-20