• A Burl and a Box
    I rarely work with burl, but when a piece from a Norway maple came my way , I decided to see what I could make from it. I ended up with this cup (4 1/2″ in diameter and 2 1/4″ … Continue reading →... Read more
    Source: David Fisher, Carving Explorations Published on: 2020-09-24
  • The Anthony Hay Cabinet Shop
    This is their latest video shot back in April 2020. This one was shot in March. Inspirational and educational. Enjoy... Read more
    Source: Journeyman's journal Published on: 2020-09-23
  • Much Better…
    Having powered through 8/4 ash with a not so sharp rip saw, I decided a tune-up was in order. After jointing the saw with a file, I took the time to “color” the teeth with a black Sharpie. This technique helps to identify the teeth needing filing as you move along the saw. Before filing […]... Read more
    Source: An Unplugged Woodworker Published on: 2020-09-23
  • Planes for power tools users
     Yes, you can still find them useful.  So much that you may never look back once you tried.NO you do not need the whole assortment available, me neither, but a few tools can make all the differences in your work precision.As a minimum I would say 3A jack, with a spare blade assembly, a router plane and a rabbet or shoulder planeLets have a closer lookJack planeWhen you work with hand tools, you would use three bench planes, The Jack,... Read more
    Source: The Valley Woodworker Published on: 2020-09-23
  • new project......
    One of the last things I needed for the next project was waiting for me when I got home. The last thing needed is the wood and that is going to be a problem. The big box stores aren't exactly a supermarket for fine woods. I am thinking of using poplar and veneering it. The project is a basic, rectangular box and veneering it will upscale it a bit. But maybe non hindered virus 19 a source will turn up... Read more
    Source: Accidental Woodworker Published on: 2020-09-23
  • thinking about chairs: past, present & future
    I don’t need the calendar to tell me the season is changing – the light in the shop is distinctly different now, a bit lower, coming around a bit earlier. A nice time of year… Our neighbors put out some stuff for sale by the side of the road from time to time. I wouldn’t … Continue reading thinking about chairs: past, present & future... Read more
    Source: Peter Follansbee, joiner's notes Published on: 2020-09-22
  • Painting, Staining, Dyeing and Burning Wood
    Stains, dyes, and even most “clear” finishes change the appearance of the surface to which they are applied. (For the clearest finish, a water based urethane or super blonde shellac are among the best choices.) Decorative finishing effiects can be applied by using a combination of stains, dyes, paint, or other means. Recently, I had … Continue reading Painting, Staining, Dyeing and Burning Wood... Read more
    Source: Flair Woodworks Published on: 2020-09-22
  • Close to the edge
    When planing a board to make it nice and smooth, looking at the edge of the board to read the grain so that you’re planing with the grain is a time-honored method of reducing tearout. Pretty much every demonstration I’ve seen of this technique involves looking at the side of the board. Recently, I’ve been looking more at the end of the board, and then using the information I get about grain direction to skew the plane. I’ve found this... Read more
    Source: Giant Cypress Published on: 2020-09-21
  • New Projects in the Works
    With all the new books we’ve released in 2020 (five new titles, with two more about to go through the publishing baby-hole), I haven’t done a good job of discussing the other tools and apparel we are working on. Some will be released soon. Like, next month. Which is October, I am told. Apparel aka...... Read more
    Source: Lost Art Press Published on: 2020-09-21
  • Joynt Stoole
    With Connie’s ambrosia maple and spruce trestle table pressed into service, I needed to find another project to fill the void left in the shop. Thumbing through John Fiske’s When Oak Was New, English Furniture & Daily Life 1530-1700, I decided to take on another joynt stoole. This time with 8/4 ash legs, red oak […]... Read more
    Source: An Unplugged Woodworker Published on: 2020-09-21
  • The Roubo-Style Panel Clamp
    This was going to be my year for getting enough clamps: I was to troll the tool sales and estate sales to get what I’ve been lacking. Then you-know-what came around, and that plan whimpered and died. As fate would … Continue reading →... Read more
    Source: Galoototron - Woodworking with Hand Tools Published on: 2020-09-21
  • Another Breakfast, Lunch or Brunch
    My vegetable Frittata Frittatas are a wonderfully quick and healthful meal and are not specific to a particular mealtime, although breakfast and lunch would be a favourite time for me. I love quiches but the pastry makes them prohibitive for me because the pastry is so high in carbs and I am long-term diabetic striving… Read the full post Another Breakfast, Lunch or Brunch on Paul Sellers' Blog.... Read more
    Source: Paul Sellers' Blog Published on: 2020-09-20
  • My thoughts on Ipe
    Ipe, or rather Ipé, is a tropical hardwood also known as Brazilian walnut. My first foray into using Ipe was when I decided to replace the cedar deck (it was recycled into fences etc). I bought some around 2005, and I guess, at a time it was not that common. I installed the 1″ by … Continue reading My thoughts on Ipe... Read more
    Source: Working by hand Published on: 2020-09-20
  • Milliput inlay bowl
    Second bowl finished this week (and by that I mean it was hanging around for weeks and I finally got to it) was a nice sycamore bowl. I saw a photo of a nice bowl a while back with irridescent metallic paints in the rim: I like the angled rim shape there and wanted to replicate it, but I don’t have the irridescent paints so I wanted to go for a simple inlay instead. Resin would be awkward to pour... Read more
    Source: Stochastic Geometry Published on: 2020-09-20
  • Milliput and burl
    Work’s been fun and we’re both under a new lockdown and back at school here so non-work’s been even more fun. Hence little posting. But I did finish off two bowls this week, and one was my first burl piece. It was included in an order of olive ash from homeofwood.co.uk that had been delayed because, well, covid is crazy. That olive ash is also seriously pretty, but it’s much harder to turn so it’s highlighting every mistake I make.…... Read more
    Source: Stochastic Geometry Published on: 2020-09-19