New feature – classified ads

**Edited: This feature was never used and has been removed due to lack of interest.**

I am offering registered users the chance to post ads and notices for free. Registering is also easy and free.

Currently, the functionality is very simple and straightforward. Ads are good for 30 days and are renewable by going in to edit your ad and clicking the appropriate check box. Pictures are limited in size to 800×800 pixels.

There is no private message system. You must provide contact information. A good way to do this if you have a website is to include a link to the product listing page on your site.

Beware of publishing your regular email address. It will not automatically be obfuscated. I would suggest setting up an alias email address that you can later delete without interrupting your business or life.

You may post as many ads as you want. Your ad should be something that would be of interest to the woodworking community. Vintage electric tool ads are welcome. Legitimate businesses may post at will. Do not post anything that would be offensive to any of our users.

Ads are not filtered, previewed, or approved by anyone but the original author.

BUYER BEWARE. There is absolutely no mechanism in place to guarantee the identity of the seller. Just because someone claims to be someone you trust, does NOT mean it is them. For instance, it is entirely possibly for a scammer to register the name of a famous woodworker or respected tool reseller. There is no mechanism in place on our part to verify either the product or service being offered or the identity or location of the seller.

SELLER BEWARE. Read the above warning and realize there are no protections or guarantees for the seller either.

This is intended to serve simply as a public bulletin board. There is no system in place to facilitate payments or trades.

In no event can or its owner, Luke Townsley, offer any recourse for any use or misuse of the system.

If there is any interest, additional features may be added. At some point, I may add charges for posting ads or for add on features. Currently, there are no plans in place to do so.

Please delete ads that are no longer valid.

I reserve the right to delete any ad for any reason and/or to terminate the bulletin board system at any time or for any reason.

Please let me know if you have any questions or comments or difficulties viewing or adding an ad.

Luke Townsley

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